Installing Refeus

This is how you install Refeus after downloading the file for the desired operating system.

Windows Installer (msi)

The Windows Installer (msi) installs Refeus on your computer and automatically generates an entry for the Windows start menu. Files ending .docdb will be linked with the Refeus application.

To start the installation, double click the file refeus-version.msi and follow the instructions. After carefully reading and accepting the license terms you can choose the type of installation. Choosing the user-defined installation, program components and place of installation can be modified.

Start Refeus: After installation you can launch Refeus from the Windows start menu or by double clicking the .docdb file..

Smartscreen tip: Microsoft Windows might indicate that Refeus is unsafe. Refeus does not contain malware or spyware. This is confirmed by various independent platforms such as Software.

Windows (Portable Version)

With the portable version you can install Refeus at any place. After downloading, unpack the ZIP-compressed folder at the desired place of installation.

Starting Refeus: Double click the file refeus.exe which is located in the unpacked folder

Also you can create a shortcut for this file and move it to another location (e.g. the desktop). For this purpose right click on refeus.exe and choose “create a shortcut”. Now move the shortcut to the desired place.

Linux Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu

For Linux we provide a 64bit installation file. After downloading Refeus, the package manager opens and a summarized overview will be indicated. Click on the button Install, located at the top left corner to install Refeus.

The provided installation packages are suitable for Debian 8, Fedora 21 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but will require activation of Universe package sources.

Starting Refeus: After finishing the installation you can launch Refeus from the dashboard menu. Tip: All files will be saved in the hidden directory .refeus which you can find in your user directory.

Mac OS X

For Mac OS X Refeus provides a disk image (.dmg). Once successfully downloaded, the disk image will be opened and the Refeus icon will appear next to the app directory.

Starting Refeus: Launch it directly from the disk image.

Tip: For persistent installation on your Mac please store the Refeus icon by drag and drop in the app directory. All files will be saved in the hidden directory .refeus which you can find in your user directory.

Depending on your security settings it may be required to press and hold the ctrl key when you launch Refeus for the first time.

Refeus is complemented by two useful applications, which simplify collecting information. To use this apps read the setup Refeus Guide.

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